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Our Values


We believe that design has the power to transform lives – for our clients, our culture, and our communities. By using a holistic approach and understanding our needs their point of view, vision, and context. While we bring our proficiency of creativity and innovation, our work addresses complex problems with simple solutions.

We transform our clients’ Dreams into reality, helping to make them achieve environments which reflect context, history, tradition, cultures, communities, and the natural environment while incorporating advances in technology.

A deep devotion to sustainability and social responsibility is fundamental to our outlook, work, and culture. We are committed to creating reformative designs which heal their environments and enhance the quality of life. Each of our projects represents our commitment not only to the individual client but also to elevating the state of the art for the design professions and improving society for our future generations.


We have developed a practice where strategy, technology, and research come together to create spaces that improve how we live and work. To help keep us at the forefront of innovation, we believe that it is vital to make intensive investments in thought leadership in order to solve our clients’ increasingly complex challenges which have been entrusted on us.

Our Research Group pursues innovation of materials, tools, and processes to create a new generation of ideas always learning and adapting new and improved technologies to make sure all our projects have beautiful aesthetics & durability. By mining deeper into exploration, we’re reaching higher to improve the performance of our buildings and the health of our environment.

We’ve committed ourselves to develop awareness across a spectrum of subjects that address real-world challenges in order to create a brighter future for all.


Avatar Builders is at the forefront of the healthy building materials movement and has helped raise awareness of how building materials and finishes may relate to human and environmental health.

Since our inception, sustainability has been the principal of all our work. And more than ever, it is a defining factor in how our clients measure success. As the strategic importance of sustainability grows, we are committed to the financial, human, and environmental sustainability of our projects and to working with our clients to meet their sustainability goals.

The following are a few of the ways we are working to ensure a healthy environment Resilient Design and Climate Adaptation We are partnering with clients to identify vulnerabilities to natural and manmade stressors in buildings, cities, and their communities, and to create design responses to help achieve stability and adaptability. We are working to help reorganize the social, economic, and physical capital necessary to create buildings, cities, and communities that are more diverse, more resilient, and more vital than in the past.

The world’s freshwater reserve is a finite natural resource that is necessary to sustain human, animal, and plant life and it is diminishing. At Avatar Builders, we understand that we live in a Water-Stressed World, we strive to design projects that can achieve net-zero water waste and reduce the demand on freshwater sources. We work on both building and city scale and collaborate with academic institutions, public water agencies, districts, and commissions to inspire the next generation of sustainable water policies and building codes.

Wealth Creation

We understand the importance of the return on investment, we take immense and meticulous measures to analyze & predict the development and growth of all our projects to yield the best outcome over time for our clients. And we put our investments and our best effort forward to develop the area’s infrastructure, such that it adds to the acceleration of the environmental value & growth.

Effective investment in residential property requires the chosen location to meet certain parameters. Fundamentally, the area should have the good social infrastructure, availability of adequate public transport and sufficient economic activity to sustain development and growth.

Every property we develop goes through our due diligence process which evaluates all the critical factors essential for the properties growth and demand over time.